Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moments in April

Wow. It has been so long since I have made time to update our family blog. Life goes by so fast, with crazy, happy, unforgettable moments and I want to make sure to document them. Here I go.
April was a busy month for us, Brent wrapped up tax season (Yahoo!), celebrated Easter multiple times.

We had several family easter hunts, Tanner and Baylee both caught onto the egg hunt pretty quick, once they discovered there was candy inside! It was fun to see how excited they got when they spotted an egg and would run over to it and open it immediently to get the candy out! 

I went to California to run Ragnar with a few cousins and friends. 

We made sure to make a little time for some beach cruising!

The next weekend Brent headed to Moab with his family while I stayed home for a family wedding! Grandma and Grandpa Rawlins stayed with me to help with the twins.

We got a dog! Brent and I both missed having a little pup running around and figured it may keep Tanner and Baylee entertained. We named her Tikka, she is a black pomeranian/yorkie. We adopted her from a family in Herriman.

Brent and I went to a Jazz game with my sister and went to city creek for dinner at texas de brazil to celebrate the end of tax season. I love date nights with Brent, we go way to long between them but they are always a reminder of how much fun we have together. 

Here are a few more moments in April that make me smile.

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