Saturday, August 31, 2013

UTAH Football

We Bleed RED through and through! 

Brent and I ditched the kiddos for the night and headed to the game! 

It was a great game. We wore the wrong color for our section.. oops, but they won anyway so it was a good day! 

The kids are just as big UTE fans as us.  

Raise them right.

Ranch Weekend August 2013

We had a great time up at the ranch to wrap up the summer.
We rode four wheelers
Roasted marshmallows and hot dogs
Played in the Lake
Ate burgers and shakes at the Red Baron
Laughed till we cried
 &Stayed up late.

Perfect vacation with the Hale fam! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Days

child labor
summer naps

summer never end, please.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Island Park 2013

Island Park was a perfect family get away. 
You are surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, coyotes, and bears.
You feel secluded but yet, you still have 4G. 
We went up with Brents family and had a good time floating down the river, fishing, hiking and catching frogs. 
We even spent the night around the campfire while the kids told ridiculous jokes. 
We had a great time with the family and look forward to next year.

At the Ranch

First trip to the Ranch was nothing less then spectacular. 

This place is my second home. 
I feel nothing but love and peace here. 

I ran a half with two of my cousins (Stacy and Mitch)

We went bowling, bought fireworks, trips to the red baron, time on the lake, zip line and late night games and movies. 

Twins turned 3 on the this trip. 


I can't even believe how fast time goes. 

They are my life. I'm grateful for such an amazing and supportive husband and together we have some pretty amazing kids. 

Happy Birthday my Babies.

Bear Lake2013

Days at Bear Lake

Family is everything. 
Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas
We are all connected and have fun no matter the chaos that this world is.
We find peace within each other
Laughter, tears, even in this case sickness...

But hey, we have each other forever.

This was the first year we have stayed at Papa Kens house in Bear Lake, the whole family was there at once. It was busy and beautiful. We spent time on the beach, on the boat, on the jet skis and digging in the sand. It is also the weekend the "Bement Plague" began and spread like wild fire. Fun was still had. 
We love Bear Lake